Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway's Flash Characters

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Unlocked for purchase by recruiting Amuro (CCA) as a scout.

Mufti Nabiyu Erin A.K.A. Hathaway Noa

Mafty Nauve Erin.png
Nature MP Growth COST CV Total Stats at Lv99
Normal 330 Normal A (350) 70000 Nozomu Sasaki 473

LV Shooting Melee Reaction Defending Awakening Charisma MS Pilot Captain Operator Piloting Engineering
1 23 23 21 24 25 8 A B C A B
51 70 58 50 43 51 36

Name Effect Obtain conditions Remarks
Cautious Reaction and Defending up. Reaction and Defending +2 at Lv1. Initial
Newtype Reaction and Awaken values increased. +3 at Lv1. Level 5 +18 at MAX
Fighting Spirit Tension gain increased. At the end of an attack, gained MP increased. Level 15
Hot Blooded As tension rises, Shooting, Melee, Reaction, Defending up. Level 32 High tension: +4
super high tension: +8
super one-hit critical: +12
Leadership Command range up. +1 at Lv1. Level 50 +6 at MAX